A picture of Stephi sitting in front of a background of trees.

Hey! I'm Stephi

I'm Stephi, the writer behind Surviving Millennial!

Surviving Millennial originally launched 12th February 2018, producing three posts a week for a year until I decided to take a break. After three years I was determined to make 2021 the year my blog returned, now focusing my content on specific passions: food, gardening, and preserving.

As I produce regular content on Surviving Millennial, I'm publishing books — sharing behind the scenes on my author page — practising skills I aim to improve, and overall working on becoming a full-time author and content creator.

I thrive on creativity. It's what I need in life.

I hope you enjoy your visit at Surviving Millennial, and continue to join me with my stories and content.


Author Page: stephidurand.com

Linktree: linktr.ee/stephidurand


If you wish to get in contact for any blog-related enquiries, you can email me at:


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