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3 Ways I'm Working to Reduce My Waste

With reducing waste, one of my main focuses is the kitchen. There's things I plan to try and encorporate when my partner and I buy a house, but for now, here's three things I'm adding to my routine to reduce waste.

1: Jars.

When I empty a jar of thyme, or eat the yogurt from its glass pot, I clean them thoroughly to use again for a new purpose.

Whether it's refilling jars with home preserved herbs, using them as storage pots, or filling with other meals/dried ingredients, I do what I can to give the jars extra life in the kitchen.

At some point, perhaps in 2022, I would like to save some sauce jars to store my own veg stock in. Something I'll cover more in the next one...

A row of jars on a shelf, filled with different preserves of various colours

2: Food Waste.

To reduce the food waste while cooking, I've taken to throwing my scraps into my compost bin. Left to breakdown and produce some lovely compost that I hope to use somepoint next year.

What I want to try at some point, is making my own veg stock by saving up food scraps in the freezer before simmering them. Once the veg stock has been made, the cooked scraps can then go into the compost bin. Getting some extra goodness from what would just be waste. The veg stock can be stored in glass jars and frozen in the freezer until needed!

A picture of the corner of a kitchen. On the shelf is a small compost bin with 'organic' written across the front. A woman is in the right hand side of the image, slightly out of focus.

3: Using What We Have.

Every now and then I find myself struggling with what to do for dinner.

We haven't got anything defrosted to cook with, there's no more easy 'throw it in the oven' meals from the shops. We're left with barely any options.

When this happens, I take to rummaging through our shelves. What do we have that may have been forgotten in the back corner? Anything we can throw together?

The meals usually be a complete mishmash of things, but I tend to find packets or jars that have been a little neglected. things that were approaching their expiry dates or simply looking unloved.

The meals are usually pretty good. I get to use some creativity to make something suitable for dinner, and I know I saved some food going in the bin and stopped the money it cost from being wasted.

Filled with veg. From left to right there is: tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, chillis, onion, garlic, and pepper.

Nowadays, I like to make sure we only buy food that we know we'll eat. Anything we get and don't enjoy is offered to family first. Any veg that might not get used up will at least make it to my compost bin to provide for us once broken down.

Do you have any go-to methods for reducing waste?

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