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5 Plants I Want to Try and Grow

For those of you who may not know my gardening background, let me take a moment to share with you my gardening history and return to the wonderful world of growing your own produce.

When I was a young child (Infant school age) we used to grow fruits and veggies in the garden. I remember growing lots of potatoes, strawberry plants in hanging baskets, as well as some peas and sweetcorn.

We had an apple and pear tree in the bottom of the garden, but I don't have any memories of those being planted. To me as a kid, they were just there.

A picture of an apple tree branch. The branch has three red apples with leaves all around. The sky behind is a lovely blue.

Later on we all kind of fell out of the gardening bug, eventually removing the two fruit trees due to lack of use. I hadn't properly planted anything to grow produce with until mid 2020.

It was by chance that as I was browing my local home bargains I saw a small 'Italian' gardenin kit which consisted of basil and roma tomato seeds. For £2.99 I could hardly say no, thus beginning the rebirth of my love for gardening.

As I've gotten older, I've become eager to try my hand at part time self-sufficieny. I don't expect to ever be fully self-sufficient, but that doesn't mean I can't save us some money here and there by growing things we enjoy. (Have you seen my post on how I preserve basil? I'm never going store bought again!)

I've really jumped into gardening this year, so much as buying my mum a bay leaf tree for her birthday. A lovely keepsake for the garden which will continue to produce for our kitchen. I have sweetcorn growing with cooking pumpkins at its bases, flowering like crazy. It's a crazy beautiful site, it truly is!

While I've been back in the garden, there are some produce I've realised I would love to try growing. Things that I personally have not grown or tended to myself. (at least, not that I can remember!)

So let's dive into it, shall we?


5 Plants I Want to Try and Grow

5- Rainbow Carrots

While I'm sure I've grown carrots in the past, I've been dying to try and grow a raised bed full of different coloured carrots.

For those of you who might not know, apparently, different coloured carrots taste the exact same as orange ones. You just get the amazing bonus of a brighter coloured plate of food!

I know this would encourage me to eat more salad — something I'm already trying to do — but it would just bring a smile to my face at seeing all of the beautiful colours.

(It won't come as a surprise to know I want to grow different coloured potatoes too!)

4- Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is both mine and my partners favourite lettuce. It's divine. Far superior than other lettuce. Yet I've never attempted to grow it myself.

We're on a health kick here, trying to reduce the amount of calories we eat over certain meals (some are far higher than others, which is what we're trying to fix) and one way we've been making that change is by replacing some of the meal with salad.

I hate having to go out and buy a fresh head every week or so. So next year (fingers crossed) I'll be getting my hands on a lot of iceberg lettuce seeds and growing my own!

I cannott wait!

3- Cucumbers

Speaking of salad, cucumber is something I have grow to enjoy only this year, and like I said above, constantly having to go and buy more — especially when it's always wrapped in unnecessary plastic — is a hassle. So why not grow something we both love?

If we really wanted to, we could also try a pickling variety. I've never been too keen on the thought of pickles in the past, but there's no saying homemade won't be a hit. It'll probably be best to stick with standard cucumbers, at least for my first year. But I am not saying no to trying new things when it comes to my garden!

2- Garlic

I've never considered growing garlic in the past. It wasn't until a few months ago where people over on Instagram have been sharing their garlic harvests that I've looked and decided 'I have to grow it!'

My interest is hardneck garlic. I'm dying to get my hands on garlic scapes to try with my cooking, apparently they're delicious! I also want to learn how to preserve them, to keep them stored whole or as powder — something I aim to one day share with you on here!

I wasn't able to buy garlic bulbs to plant, but I did have leftover garlic in the cupboard that I decided to use. Some had even started sprouting when I planted them! If it doesn't work, there's no money lost and I can try again next year. But if it does... free garlic to preserve and use!

I'll just have to find out if it's a hardneck or softneck next year.

1- Apples

Yes, I did mention above that we had an apple tree when I was younger. But, because I don't remember doing much with it myself, I would love to give it ago properly. (By 'properly' I mean with my own hands)

Red apples are my favourite and I love pink lady apples. I found two seeds sprouting in my apple so I decided to plant them and see where it goes. If they survive, they could take up to a decade to produce fruit. But if they don't make it, I'm very much interested in trying the Sunrise Apple and Scarlet Pimpernel varieties.

Apples have to be my favourite fruit to eat. I've tried making apple crisps before and I would love to try and make my own applesauce to use in baking or just for general use. There's so many ways I want to use and eat apples, so why not start with a small tree or two in the garden?

It's fantastic because you can get patio friendly trees. Ones that are suited for pots. This is the type of tree I like the thought of, although I won't know for certain which I'd go for until I could see the space my future house gives us.


So there are five things I would love to grow in my garden. Some I can hopefully start this year, and others in 2022. The rest? Well, I'll have to wait and see.

What's something you'd like to grow yourself one day?

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