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Homemade 2-Ingredient Vanilla Extract

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If you've wanted the simplest recipe possible, you've come to the right place. Homemade vanilla extract takes two ingredients and time. That's it.

You need vanilla pods and vodka.

To give your vanilla extract depths of flavour, you can use different alcohol such as bourbon. But personally, I'm happy having pure vanilla extract with vodka.

When it comes to time, you need six months.

The active prep for this recipe is minutes. After that, you simply need the patience to get through those six months before you can use it. If you have store-bought vanilla extract, use these six months to get through it so you're ready to dive right into the homemade stuff.

A glass bottle filled with a rich golden liquid and five vanilla pods. The label on the bottle says Ready to Use July 2021.
Homemade Vanilla Extract, Ready To Use

Vanilla pods are expensive to buy, especially in-store. Here is where I buy my vanilla pods, which I have found to be the best price.

Always use a glass bottle. Depending on the size will depend on how many vanilla pods you need. I use 10 for my bottle, but it did have 5 before as I was also making a Christmas gift batch.

This is so simple and easy, that I really don't have anything else to share with you regarding it. So let's get to the recipe, shall we?


Homemade Vanilla Extract


  • Vanilla Pods

  • Vodka

What You Will Need:

  • Sharp Knife

  • Glass bottle

  • Lid/cork for the bottle

  • Funnel

How To:

Step One: Slice the ends off your vanilla pods and cut down the centre of the pod. Add every part of the vanilla pod to the glass bottle.

Step Two: Using a funnel, fill the glass bottle holding the vanilla full with vodka. Add your lid or cork.

Step Three: Store away from sunlight, on a darkened shelf (I keep mine at the back of the shelf) for 6 months.

Once ready, you should be able to smell the vanilla from the bottle. You can leave the pods in the liquid and serve right from the bottle, or portion them into smaller bottles for personal use or gifts.

Two bottles of vanilla extract next to each other. The left is freshly made, ready to infuse for 6 months until Christmas. The one on the right is a rich golden colour, ready for use.
Two batches of vanilla extract. (Left) Just made (Right) Ready to use

If you want to make it a gift, a nice bottle and label make a perfect gift that I guarantee goes down a treat!

Have you tried making your own extract? Let me know your favourites! I know I'll never go back to store-bought!

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