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How to Perfectly Dehydrate Bay Leaves Everytime

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Bay leaves are brilliant. They add flavour to your cooking and go great in your flour to keep the bugs away.

We've always bought bay leaves from the store whenever we needed a top-up, but my mum had mentioned a few times over the years how she always wanted a bay leaf tree. So last year, (2021) I finally bought one for her birthday.

It's been great.

eleven dehydrated bay leaves on a black countertop. The words "how to perfectly dehydrate bay leaves" written. The web address in the bottom corner.
How to Perfectly Dehydrate Bay Leaves

I love the difference of colour when you look at store-bought and home dehydrated bay leaves. They retain such a rich green colour and they work so well in recipes. Home harvested bay trees really up the home cook game. Trust me on that.

Bay leaves are so easy to dehydrate. It's probably the most low-maintenance one I've had yet! So let's get to it!


How To Preserve Bay Leaves

What You Will Need:

  • Bay Leaves

  • Dehydrator

How To:

Step One: Take your harvested bay leaves and lay them out on a dehydrator tray. Make sure they don't overlap. Set the dehydrator to 35°c/95°f for 10 hours.

Step Two: Store in a spice jar or any jar of your choice. Keep out of direct light and use when needed in recipes.

eleven dehydrated bay leaves on a black counter.
Home grown, dehydrated bay leaves

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