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How To Perfectly Dehydrate Leeks Every Time

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If you've never thought about having dehydrated leeks in your pantry, let me be the first to tell you, it is a game-changer!

Being able to grab a handful, or the necessary amount for a recipe is so easy when you have some leeks in a jar on the shelf ready and waiting. They rehydrate beautifully in liquids and make an excellent leek and potato soup.

I have far too many dehydrated leeks on hand. This happened due to a happy accident when I requested some leeks on Olio last year. What I thought would be 4 packets ended up being 15, giving me about 41 leeks! Safe to say I had a very busy few days slicing, dehydrating, and storing leeks.

Several leeks thinly sliced laying on a dehydrator tray.
Leeks ready to dehydrate

Preventing food waste by saving these leeks were amazing. It was also my first time dehydrating leeks so I had a few challenges at first until I finally got the routine right!

The key to making them fully dehydrate is slicing any rings that appear too compact or too large in half. Otherwise, the very centre will refuse to dehydrate properly (If at all). For larger leeks, I took the extra step of slicing them in half before cutting them into rings.

Keep the slices on the thinner side and as even as possible. That way they'll all be dehydrated by the end. If not, you can leave the ones not quite there to dehydrate for a few more hours. Anything that seems to not dehydrate properly becomes the newest member of my compost bin!

Five trays of sliced leeks in an excalibur dehydrator, ready to dehydrate.
Leeks in Excalibur dehydrator

How to Preserve Leeks

You Will Need:

  • Leeks

  • Dehydrator (I use Excalibur)

  • Sharp Knife

How To:

Step One: Slice your leeks into even, thin rounds. Slice any that seem too compact or too large in half.

Step Two: Add leek rounds to your dehydrator trays. Dehydrate for 57°c/134°f for 10 hours.

Step Three: Store dehydrated leeks in an airtight container. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Dehydrated leeks stored in a large glass jar.
Dehydrated Leeks

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