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My 2022 Gardening Goals - Plants, Beds, and More

Now that 2022 is here, it's time to jump into the gardening plans. Plans that I definitely did in 2021, not just thought about briefly and then left until 2022.

This will be my second official season being back in the garden growing produce. 2020 I was reintroduced with a small basil and tomato kit, but it was 2021 where I really dug in and got to work on growing crops.

I had my successes and my failures — you can read more on my failures in my last blog post — last year and this time I'm hoping to grow more, learn more, and achieve more.

2022 Gardening Goals. Plants, beds, and more. A pale pink background with a photo of poppies in the centre.

Garden Beds

When installing some raised beds last year, one was left unfilled. Throughout the end of autumn and early winter I've been throwing in unused soil, dead plants, and leaves into the bed to break down. I also hope to take 2021's Christmas tree and break it down to go into the bed before filling it full with soil. (But we'll talk more about Hügelkultur another time)

I added a lot more seeds to my collection this year, to have the space to grow them all, I need some more beds.

I'm hoping to add 2-3 more raised beds to the garden to give me ample space to grow more produce. Then, when my partner and I move into our own place, our parents will have three more beds filled with healthy soil to do as they please with. (flowers and various bulbs come to mind)

Plant Support

I'm determined to avoid making one of last years mistakes. For the plants that need it, I want to make sure they have the support they need to grow and produce well. I'd prefer to do it budget-friendly, maybe a few DIY's here and there to get results, but until I go looking, I can't be certain.

I plan to grow a lot of tomato plants this year for preserving. I can't do that if they fall all over the place because they haven't got the proper support.

Grow to Store

I want to grow some produce that I can either freeze, can, dehydrate, or store in jars. I plan to grow a few new herbs this year, adding to my basil and sage. I'll be trying borlotto beans, leaving them to mature so I can use them as haricots. I'll begin my journey in the world of water bath canning with my tomatoes, creating my homemade tinned version to use in meal prep cooking. (We use a lot of tinned tomatoes, this should both save money, and add to the overall flavour!)

Grow to Eat

Of course, storing the food means it will eventually get eaten, but I also want to grow produce I can harvest and bring it straight inside to use. Iceberg lettuce and cucumbers are two of the main ingredients I plan to do this with.

Last year, my partner and I started having the salad ingredients in our sandwiches over summer. We became hooked and had to go to the store weekly to top up on more cucumber and lettuce. This year, I hope to only make trips to the garden for our salad.

Growing your own food is such a fun and rewarding hobby. If I could earn a full time living through gardening so I could stay at home and work on it daily, I really would. But instead, I'll continue sharing my journey with you here.

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