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My 2022 Potato Plans: Varieties, Containers, and Method

This year I knew for certain I wanted to grow potatoes. I wanted to grow my own and experience the taste of different varieties.

This year, I'm doing that.

On the 6th and 7th of April, I planted four different varieties, topping them off with straw mulch. Now, I plan to take inspiration from Huw Richard's method to enjoy my harvest.

Want to see real-time updates? You can check out my Instagram and my TikTok for photos and videos!

Let's talk about what I'm doing.

twelve of thirteen fabric pots seen from above. All filled with soil and seed potatoes and covered with straw which is being used as mulch.
Seed Potatoes In Fabric Pots


My seed potatoes are from DT Brown Seeds, and they're all maincrop varieties.

Salad Blue: A blue-skinned and flesh potato (Although I think it looks purple!)

Mayan Rose: An offspring between Mayan Twilight and Mayan Gold. They have good disease resistance, especially for blight!

Caledonian Rose: A red-skinned yellow flesh variety with wonderful flavour. Also has good resistance to many common diseases found in British gardens

Blue Danube: Part of the Sarpo family, it has excellent resistance to late blight and is quoted as "the best roast potato ever," it is also known to be a good storing potato.

Several seed potatoes in a blue mesh bag which has five purple roots sprouting from the potatoes
Salad Blue Seed Potato Roots

I deliberately chose a variety when making my order because I wanted to have fun with my gardening. Salad Blue I picked solely for the chance to have purple (or blue, I could be seeing it wrong!) potatoes! The Mayan Rose has a beautiful looking skin that I've never seen before. Caledonian Rose was for my preference of red-skinned potatoes, and Blue Danube for its ability to store well.

I haven't decided if I'm harvesting them all in one go or spacing it out, but I do want to see how long my potatoes will last us so hopefully, I can one day have an abundance of them for my family.


To save space in the raised beds, I (a treat from my partner) decided to invest in a pack of fifteen 22L fabric grow bags. Thirteen of these have been used to plant my potatoes!

I chose fabric grow bags as a way to avoid spending more money on plastic. Even if the plastic containers are high quality, I'd much rather invest in something just as good.

These bags include handles and are incredibly easy to move. That way, should we get any sudden cold weather I can easily move the potatoes to a safer area to continue growing.

This will be my first year using fabric grow bags and I hope they work as well as they look! I'm looking forward to the thought of caring for them and getting many years of use out of them. The remaining two bags I'll be using to grow carrots in!


Taking inspiration from Huw Richards' video, I plan to leave these to do their thing, other than watering them every now and then. This should make it a pretty low maintenance crop which means I can focus my energies on the more attention-needing plants.

My original plan was to harvest all the varieties at once after the plants die back. I want to get the largest potatoes possible as I much prefer having them compared to the smaller baby/new potatoes. But now I'm debating whether I should bring in only what's needed for a week.

To be honest, I want to dive right in and experience all the potato types. Store them safely in a potato sack (to be invested in) and have what we want, when we want them. I also want to see how long the Blue Danube will store for as I am very much for reducing the monthly food bill by spending more on seeds earlier in the year.

thirteen black fabric pots filled with soil and seed potatoes. Each pot as dried straw covering the soil as a mulch.
Potatoes Growing In Fabric Pots

I'm looking forward to growing these potatoes, especially the more colourful type.

What's a fun or interesting variety of potato you've grown? I'd love to get ideas on potential varieties to grow in the future! (Maybe one year I'll find a red-fleshed potato!)

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