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My 4 Favourite Second Hand Buys

Since my late teens, I've gained an appreciation for buying second hand. Mainly because it was cheaper when I wanted to buy myself some new clothes. One shirt in a store or four or five in a charity shop? (More if there was a deal on!) Yeah, I know where I'd rather look.

Over the years I've gained some items I've enjoyed, and items I've adored. And I'm not just talking clothes.

So today, I thought I would share with you my 4 favourite second-hand purchases from charity shops to online sellers.

Plant Sweatshirt

This was a purchase from Depop, costing me about £16. The seller said they originally bought it for £30 and when it arrived it still looked brand new to me.

It's such a comfy piece and I'm a sucker for oversized clothing. (although that's partially down to me knowing it has a better chance of fitting me) It's a staple piece in my wardrobe now!

A dark red sweatshirt which has 5 different plant outlines drawn across the top. The words "Plants are friends" written underneith. 'Plants' and 'Friends' are underlined twice.
'Plants are Friends' Sweatshirt


Okay, I know this is multiple in one, but I love raiding the charity shop bookshelves for books on gardening, cooking, and natural recipes. They always have deals on books or selling them for no more than £1 each and I'm always excited to get home and read my latest additions.

I'm holding three books in my arms. One is on Digital Photography, the second, all about garlic inuding history and folklore, and the third is a home remedies book.
Three of my latest second hand books

Bread Maker

My pride and joy! It's an older Morphy Richards model, I paid no more than £4 and it works like a treat! I love using my bread maker. The home smells incredible because of it and it always gives us delicious bread.

I really want some fresh bread now.

An opened breadmaker. Inside is a bread pan with a perfectly cooked, golden loaf.
Morphy Richards Bread Maker

Nintendo Switch Lite (Times Two!)

For Christmas 2021 I decided to get my fiancé something we've been interested in for a while. A Nintendo Switch. Knowing myself, I had to get one for me too. I didn't want to be left out while he got to play Animal Crossing!

We don't have space for one Switch, let alone two, so I knew Switch Lite would be the way to go. I found his through eBay for £132.99. Mine, Facebook Marketplace, £130.

They both had the slightest amount of use visible and after cleaning them down with disinfectant, they looked brilliant. Plus, it made an incredible gift!

I went second hand for two reasons with the Switches. 1- They're £199.99 each. 2- I wanted to reduce e-waste. Since the first lockdown in the UK, I've seen a lot of Lite's being sold after only a month or two of use. I saw one description say it had only been used once! If I can save some money and reduce e-waste, I'm in.

My Nintendo Switch in the colou Coral (pink) against my vibrant blue background.
My Nintendo Switch in the colour Coral

I love to buy second hand, and I hope sharing some of the things I've gained over the years helps encourage you to do it more often too. There's so much good quality stuff still out there that deserves a new lease of life.

Do you have a favourite second-hand buy? If so, I'd love to know in the comments below!

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