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Wild: My Plastic-Free Deodorant

When it comes to reducing my waste, my plan is simple: take it slow by swapping one thing at a time.

This works for me because

1: I can finish my plastic packaged products first, using them up to reduce unnecessary waste.

2: It gives me time to get used to my new products one at a time, reducing the risk of getting overwhelmed from swapping out everything in one go.

The one thing I knew I wanted to swap was my deordorant. My armpits don't take to deodorants well and if I don't frequently remove my armpit hair, that adds its own issues to the mix.

So I was feeling very hopeful in my change to an all natural deodorant in a plastic-free casing.

My reason for choosing Wild was due to the advertising I had seen on Instagram. Especially their toffee apple deordorant they released last October (and brought back again this year!) I love all things autumn and halloween and the fact they had a reusable case was a bonus.

What is Wild?

Wild is the new, sustainable Natural Deodorant delivered straight to your door. Aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills and a 100% effective formula.
A metallic pink case with 'Wild' written in white. In front of a blue background
Wild's Reusable Case in Pink

Wild isn't an antiperspirant, but it is designed to keep you smelling fresh all day.

I've been using Wild's deordorant for about 6 months now and I'm only on my fourth refill! (unless I'm using less daily, those refills can most definitely last longer than a month!)

As I'm approaching the time to buy some new refills, I thought now would be the best time to share my thoughts on the product.

The Price:

The cases are £7 each and the deodorant itself is £5 per refil. Personally, I think these are great prices. The cases are high quality and last well. Only needing excess deodorant wiping off every now and then, and as mentioned above, one refil lasts longer than expected, even if you use it daily. I'm roughly 6 months in and I've on refill #4 which I started 2 weeks ago.

The Smell:

I love the scents.

My first refill was the limited edition lemon meringue and both myself and my partner loved how fruity it made me smell!

I haven't had a single complaint with the smells/scents. Keeping me fresh smelling unless I really break out into a sweat. (Bare in mind, my armpits are a pain. Hair makes me sweat more, product build up makes me sweat more, and I sweat a lot in general anyway, my eczema irritates my armpits, making me sweat more...)

I've really enjoyed all of the scents, and I've been interested in their new holiday themed scents too!

The Sweat Protection:

This is not an antiperspirant deodorant, but they do include natural products which help absorb the sweat.

Like I mentioned above, I'm (unfortunately) a slightly sweater person than the average being, so this doesn't have the best effect for me.

And because I can also suffer from eczema on my armpits, that does not help with the sweat production. It makes it worse.

Because of this experience, I don't want to judge the sweat-element of the deodorant because I don't see myself as the average consumer in this instance. Instead, what I plan on doing, is when I next order my deodorant, I'll be trying their sensitive skin range.

Why didn't I try this sooner?

They were released about two weeks after my last order.

Bad timing for me, huh?

But that doesn't matter! I got to see how my body changes through the seasons with this deodorant and I am now ready to try their sensitive range, hoping it treats my skin better because I know one thing for certain: I don't ever want to go back to standard deodorants. And I really don't want to move on from Wild.

A small, biodegradable container with the words "Wild by Nature, deodorant refill" written in green.
Wild Sensitive Deodorant Refill

Because I really am sold.

Wild are also selling all natural, plastic-free soap bars which you bet I'm going to try too. (I used up the last of my body wash. I'm currently borrowing other's body wash until I knew I was going to make an order!)

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, I think this is a fantastic product. I love it, I wish I got an engraving on my case when I ordered it. It's so easy to swap out for a new refill. My old, empty refill goes straight into my compost bin to break down and eventually benefit my garden plants.

The price is great, and you can get codes that get your friends a free case too.

I love that they're adding new products to their site and I'm overall thrilled to see how well their growing.

I absolutely recommend it.

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